Iwata asks: Nintendo 3DS part 1

Nintendo released a new Iwata ask this week and the topic is on the DS successors 3DS handheld.

What’s more, even the same person will desire differing depth of stereoscopy depending on the situation, and think things like, “I want it to be more three-dimensional here,” or “Now I want it flat.” So we thought we would make Nintendo 3DS so players can choose the depth of stereoscopy, and what’s more, instinctively and easily adjust it to each situation

And that’s called 3D Depth Slider.

Right. We were very particular about having the switch be a slide. We thought it was very important that it be intuitive. Digital input—raising or lowering numbers—wouldn’t convey it at all.

Oh right, I see.

We made it so players can adjust according to how it feels to them, like “Right now I want it somewhere around here” and “Here I want to go all out!”

More at link: And That’s How the Nintendo 3DS Was Made Vol.1


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